Spring Feeders Average flow (l/s)
Cheddar Risings Large multiple spring at the foot of Cheddar Gorge. Numerous feeders across central Mendip. 947
Wookey Hole Large cave system, with deep phreatic loops. Drains many of the caves in the Priddy area. 789
St Andrews Risings Water rises through a thin Triassic cover. Drains area east of Wells including Thurpe Lane Swallet 421
Banwell Risings Drains the area to the east including Sandford Churchill, Mangle Hole and the Rowberrow area. 184
*Rickford Rising Linked with Langford Risings. Drains much of the Burrington area. 158
St Dunstans Well Large double spring. Drains north side of Beacon Hill including Fairy Caves and Stoke Lane Slocker. 153
Ashwick Grove Three small springs in the valley floor. Drains part of the north side of Beacon Hill. 178
Seven Springs Spring in stream bed. Drains area around Asham Wood, but is affected by Torr Works Quarry. 105
Gurney Slade Risings Capped spring in Gurney Slade Bottom. Drains part of the Beacon Hill pericline. 68
*Langford Rising Linked with Rickford Risings. Drains much of the Burrington area. 53
Sherbourne Spring Small spring which drains the area east of Smitham Hill. 68
Rodney Stoke Rising Small resurgence draining the hill behind including Brimble Pit Swallet. 53
Axbridge Rising Small resurgence by the church draining Axbridge Hill. 26
Holwell Risings Series of springs draining a small area around Holwell, but also capturing water from further west. 22