Sites with groundwater level data

We have groundwater level data for many sites. We are working to make groundwater level data available via this website.

You can view a data summary and hydrograph for a number of sites — either click on a site in the list below or via the map at groundwater levels home.

WellMaster ID Grid Reference Location Aquifer
NX97/2 2951 5788 Newbridge Permo-Triassic Sandstone
NY63/2 3613 5325 Skirwith Permo-Triassic Sandstone
NZ21/29 4252 5199 Swan House Magnesian Limestone
SD41/32 3440 4116 Yew Tree Farm Permo-Triassic Sandstone
SD27/6B 3216 4717 Furness Abbey Permo-Triassic Sandstone
SE94/5 4965 4453 Dalton Holme Chalk
SE95/6 4957 4593 Wetwang Chalk
SJ15/13 3137 3555 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Permo-Triassic Sandstone
SJ62/112 3619 3210 Heathlanes Permo-Triassic Sandstone
SK15/16 4129 3554 Alstonefield Carboniferous Limestone
SK17/13 4177 3775 Hucklow South Carboniferous Limestone
SP00/62 4059 2019 Ampney Crucis Middle Jurassic
ST88/62A 3827 1874 Didmarton 1 Inferior Oolite
SU01/5B 4016 1194 West Woodyates Manor Chalk
SU17/57 4165 1717 Rockley Chalk
SU34/8D 4322 1490 Clanville Lodge Gate Chalk
SU78/45A 4741 1892 Stonor Park Chalk
SU81/1 4835 1143 Chilgrove House Chalk
SX99/37B 2952 0987 Bussels No. 7A Permo-Triassic Sandstone
SY68/34 3661 0880 Ashton Farm Chalk
TA10/63 5194 4071 Aylesby Chalk
TF03/37 5088 3303 New Red Lion Lincolnshire Limestone
TF81/2A 5813 3196 Washpit Farm Chalk
TL33/4 5333 2372 Therfield Rectory Chalk
TL89/37 5817 2900 Grimes Graves Chalk
TQ25/86 5258 1552 Chipstead GWL (Well House Inn) Chalk
TQ41/82 5437 1132 Lower Barn Cottage Lower Greensand
TR14/9 6122 1469 Little Bucket Farm Chalk
TV59/7C 5529 0992 West Dean No. 3 Chalk


At a national level, groundwater level monitoring data is collected and managed by the Environment Agency (England), the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland). Access to the data they collect (which includes many monitoring sites beyond those highlighted on these pages) and curate is online in England (DEFRA) and Scotland (SEPA).


Contact Andrew McKenzie for further information.