Groundwater publications

Stack of books. © Oytun Karadayi

BGS scientists have produced a wide range of technical and non-technical reports and publications on groundwater-related science. Our recent publications are stored in the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA).

You can search our publications by choosing a topic from the drop down list below, or clicking on a topic in the word cloud. Alternatively you can use the search page on the NORA website.


Browse topics

  1. Aquifer characterisation
  2. Catchment processes
  3. Climate change
  4. Contaminated land
  5. Diffuse pollution
  6. Environmental change
  7. Environmental tracers
  8. Geothermal energy
  9. Groundwater and health
  10. Groundwater dating
  11. Groundwater drought
  12. Groundwater ecology
  13. Groundwater flooding
  14. Groundwater modelling
  15. Groundwater monitoring
  16. Groundwater protection
  17. Groundwater quality
  18. Groundwater resources
  19. Groundwater thermometry
  20. Hydrogeological data
  21. International development
  22. Major Aquifers
  23. Methane and shale gas
  24. Mine waters
  25. Minor Aquifers
  26. Nitrate pollution
  27. Pesticide pollution
  28. Point source pollution
  29. Subsurface disposal
  30. Surface water interaction


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