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  • 3D geology models
    Lithoframe, example models...
  • Corporate reports
    Download copies of many of the BGS's corporate reports in PDF format. The BGS annual reports are now stored in NORA.
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    Free downloads of both 2D and 3D digital geoscientific data
  • Earthwise magazine
    Articles focusing on different geoscience themes across the range of BGS activities and expertise.
  • Educational downloads
    Information and resources for schools and colleges, lifelong learners and the general public
  • Hosted sites
    The British Geological Survey hosts the websites of several organisations which share the Survey's goal of promoting the discovery, understanding and enjoyment of the geoscience world.
  • MineralsUK download
    Including minerals and the economy, environment, minerals exploration, planning, mineral statistics and commodities.
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    The BGS catalogues, one-off reports and more
  • Reference and research reports
    Access to a selection of the BGS's reference and research reports in PDF format.
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    Presentations and papers describing our scientific work
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    Simulation software, decision-support tools and screen savers made by the BGS
  • Training
    We offer a wide-ranging programme of both field- and classroom-based professional development training courses. Contact our Learning and Development Co-ordinator for course fees, scheduling and availability.
  • International project reports
    Search our international development report database. Many are available to download free as pdf reports. Or browse the reports by alphabetically by country.