Technical services

Geophysical logging of a borehole in the Eden Valley

BGS groundwater-related technical services include:

Hydrogeological field services

The BGS provides a comprehensive suite of hydrogeological field services including:

  • borehole drilling (design and supervision)
  • borehole testing and interpretation
  • core logging
  • downhole geophysical logging and borehole imaging and interpretation
  • packer testing
  • pumping test design, supervision
  • slug tests
  • tracer tests (a range of standard and novel tracer technologies) and interpretation


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Groundwater survey and sampling

BGS staff have extensive experience of designing and undertaking field surveys and sampling campaigns in the UK and internationally.

Services include:

  • water sampling
  • in-situ gas sampling
  • sampling for groundwater ecology
  • sampling for aquifer properties analysis (matrix and fracture characterisation)


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Laboratory services

The BGS has a range of state-of-the-art analytical facilities that can be used to provide high quality data for groundwater-related studies. These include:

  • groundwater chemistry laboratory
  • environmental tracers and dating laboratories
  • aquifer physical properties laboratories
  • groundwater ecology laboratory


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Groundwater modelling

BGS staff have extensive experience of applied groundwater modelling. The BGS has a suite of in-house groundwater modelling tools (ZOOM), as well as a wide range of commercial and academic codes that can be applied to problems as diverse as resource estimate, borehole performance, modelling of groundwater flooding and contaminant transport.


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Groundwater consultancy and project management

BGS staff undertake groundwater-related consultancy for a wide range of customers both in the UK and internationally. We have worked with government departments, regulatory agencies, industry and academia, and have a strong track record in the management of environmental research programmes.


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