Groundwater Science staff

Prof Rob Ward leads the Groundwater Science programme. Research is organised into three topic areas managed by John Bloomfield, Pauline Smedley and Daren Gooddy.

Head of Science: Prof Rob Ward

Prof Rob Ward

Prof Rob Ward is a hydrogeologist with over 25 years experience working in both groundwater science and environmental regulation. He is a UK Technical Expert representative on EU and UK Groundwater Working Groups and has recently been responsible for delivering the groundwater elements of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Groundwater Directive for the first River Basin Management Plans (2009). Rob is the author or over 30 refereed journal and conference papers and is the principal author of two ISO standards (5667-18 and 5667-22) and two of the European Commission's WFD Common Implementation Strategy guidance documents (CIS Documents 15 and 18). Rob is also a Fellow of the Geological Society and member of the editorial board for QJEGH.

Groundwater Processes Team Leader: Dr Daren Gooddy

  • Groundwater recharge mechanisms
  • Groundwater residence indicators
  • Impact of agrochemicals and agricultural wastes on water quality
  • Biogeochemical cycling

Groundwater Protection Team Leader: Dr Pauline Smedley

Dr Pauline Smedley

Dr Pauline Smedley
Principal Hydrogeochemist

Groundwater Protection Team

  • Potential environmental impacts of shale-gas development in the UK
  • Processes controlling mobilisation and transport of trace elements of health concern in groundwaters (arsenic, fluoride, molybdenum, uranium, nickel)
  • The baseline chemistry of groundwaters
  • Water quality and impacts in developing countries
  • Inorganic chemistry of bottled water
  • Corrosion and encrustation in groundwater installations and aquifers

Groundwater Systems Team Leader: Dr John Bloomfield