Groundwater Science staff

Research is organised into three topic areas managed by John Bloomfield, Pauline Smedley and Daren Gooddy.

Groundwater Processes Team Leader: Dr Daren Gooddy

  • Groundwater recharge mechanisms
  • Groundwater residence indicators
  • Impact of agrochemicals and agricultural wastes on water quality
  • Biogeochemical cycling

Groundwater Protection Team Leader: Dr Pauline Smedley

Dr Pauline Smedley

Dr Pauline Smedley
Principal Hydrogeochemist

Groundwater Protection Team

  • Potential environmental impacts of shale-gas development in the UK
  • Processes controlling mobilisation and transport of trace elements of health concern in groundwaters (arsenic, fluoride, molybdenum, uranium, nickel)
  • The baseline chemistry of groundwaters
  • Water quality and impacts in developing countries
  • Inorganic chemistry of bottled water
  • Corrosion and encrustation in groundwater installations and aquifers

Groundwater Systems Team Leader: Dr John Bloomfield