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Interactive mineral map

The BGS interactive minerals map, Minerals Information Online, will help you learn about minerals and the environment in England (and the central belt of Scotland) using our geospatial information. The online maps show the locations of mineral resources, mines and quarries, different environmental designations (including national parks, nature reserves and sites of special scientific interest) and other mineral-related BGS data. You can use the gazetteer to find your way around using a postcode or a place name. Clicking the buttons in the left hand tool bar will allow you to explore how minerals relate to different types of land use.

Minerals Information online screen image, BGS©NERC

Maps like this are important in the planning stages of new mines and quarries. They enable easy access to information on the location of different types of mineral resources and their proximity to roads and railways so that the mineral can be transported. These maps also allow the different types of natural environment and land use near a mineral resource to be considered and help to minimise their impact on the local people and environment.

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