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Legacy exploration publications

Minerals In Britain: Past production... Future potential series (published 1998-2000)

Additional information on minerals in Britain is provided by the Minerals in Britain: Past production… Future potential series. These free publications complement the exploration guide by providing commodity–based information on mineral prospects and past production in Britain.

Brochures are available for the following commodities:

Minerals in Britain: Baryte, BGS©NERC
(Published 1998)
Minerals in Britain: Copper, BGS©NERC
(Published 1998)
Minerals in Britain: Gemstones, BGS©NERC
(Published 1999)
Minerals in Britain: Gold, BGS©NERC
(Published 1999)
Minerals in Britain: Lead and Zinc, BGS©NERC
Lead and Zinc
(Published 1998)

Minerals in Britain: Nickel and Platinum, BGS©NERC
Nickel and Platinum
(Published 2000)

UK Exploration Guide (published 2000)

This publication Exploration for metalliferous and related minerals in Britain: a guide provides comprehensive information to assist all those interested in exploring for, and developing, metalliferous and related minerals in Britain.

Exploration for Metalliferous and Related Minerals in Britain: A Guide, BGS©NERC

Exploration for metalliferous and related minerals in Britain: a guide. Second edition.

This publication summarises previous mining and exploration activities and describes known occurrences in Britain. It identifies areas favourable for new deposits and outlines exploration methods commonly used in the UK. It also includes guidance on minerals ownership and planning controls and contains details of a wide range of useful contacts and an extensive bibliography.

Further information on exploration and mineral resources in Northern Ireland