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Industrial Mineral Assessment Unit (IMAU) reports and maps

The entire series of the Industrial Minerals Assessment Unit (IMAU) reports and maps are now free to download (pdf format). In total, 158 reports and maps are now available. All of the IMAU reports and maps can be found and downloaded by clicking on the tabs below.

You can also view the IMAU data on the BGS Onshore GeoIndex map viewer. Please note, you will need to zoom in as the data is only visible at scales between 1:40000 and 1:600000.


Assessment of British sand and gravel resources

The sand and gravel resources of the UK were surveyed by the IMAU on a regional scale from 1968 to 1990. For each area surveyed a report was issued describing and quantifying the resources of sand and gravel, with an accompanying 1:25 000 map. The survey included drilling and sampling of the sand and gravel resources, logging of the borehole material and particle-size analysis to determine the proportion of gravel, sand and fines present. The maps categorise the sand and gravel resources as: exposed, present beneath overburden or potentially not workable.

Assessment of other industrial mineral resources

In addition to the sand and gravel resources, other industrial mineral resources were surveyed during the same period including: Celestite, Limestone and Dolomite, Conglomerate and hard rock resources.