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Publications and downloads

A selection of publications and open reports produced by the BGS Building Stones Team is available to view and download below.

Name of Report Report Number Year
Recording, monitoring and managing the conservation of historic sites: a new application for BGS Sigma 13th International Congress on the Deterioriation and Conservation of Stone, Glasgow, UK, 6-10 Sept 2016 2016
Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (HH-XRF): a non-destructive tool for distinguishing sandstones in historic structures 13th International Congress on the Deterioriation and Conservation of Stone, Glasgow, UK, 6-10 Sept 2016 2016
Scotland's building stone industry: a review CR/16/026N 2016
Building stone assessment of the Ardrossan Sarcophagus GR_214004 2016
Building stone assessment: comparison of stone samples from Kisimul Castle (Barra) and the island of Stulaigh (by South Uist) GR_213220 2016
Provenance of building stones in four 'galley castles' in Argyll OR/15/053 2015
A Building Stone Assessment of sandstone in Iona Nunnery and at Carsaig quarry on Mull CR/15/002N 2015
Source, character and weathering style of building stone in Culzean Castle & Country Park, Ayrshire CR/14/114N 2014
A building stone assessment of The Engine Shed, Stirling CR/14/088N 2014
Directory of Mines and Quarries ISBN 978 0 85272 785-0 2014
A survey of building stone and roofing slate in Falkirk town centre OR/13/015 2013
Liddle’s Quarry Orkney: a resource evaluation and assessment of past and possible future uses of extracted stone OR/12/070 2012
An historical and petrological assessment of Pitairlie Quarry, Angus OR/11/009 2011
A building stone and slate survey of the Callander Conservation Area: recording, matching and sourcing for the built heritage OR/11/011 2011
An historical and geological assessment of a Scottish building stone quarry: Drumhead Quarry, Denny OR/10/033 2011
Historic England county building stone atlases Various 2011 onwards
The building stones and slates of Killin: an investigation of stone for the built heritage GR_138832_1 2010
The source of building stone for Westown Kirk, Perthshire: a geological and architectural investigation GR_200779/1 2010
Playfair paving schemes in Edinburgh: an investigation of materials and paving patterns GR_2005601/1 2010
Assessing the potential for reopening a building stone quarry: King‘s Quarry, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire OR/10/040 2010
Analysis of original stone and identification of matching stone for repairs : Robert Burns Statue, Camperdown, Victoria, Australia IDA17667 2009
A building stone audit for Kilmarnock: surveying, matching and sourcing stone for the built heritage OR/09/002 2009
Assessing the potential for reopening a building stone quarry: Newbigging Sandstone Quarry, Fife OR/09/008 2009
A desktop resource assessment of building stone and slate on the Island of Bute OR/09/040 2009
Building and roofing stone mineral planning factsheet   2007
Safeguarding Glasgow's stone built heritage skills and materials requirements: facade surveys and building stone analysis CR/06/077N 2006
Stone in Scotland ISBN 9231040316 2006
Building and roofing stone commodity profile   2005
UK building stone resources map (folded) ISBN 0751833185 2001
UK building stone resources map (flat) ISBN 0751833177 2001
BGS Digital Data Products Various