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About us

MineralsUK is the British Geological Survey (BGS) Centre for Sustainable Mineral Development. Facilitated by the BGS Minerals and Waste science programme, the Centre is a global leader in the compilation, provision and analysis of mineral statistics and the major UK national provider of spatial and statistical minerals information. We also carry out research in areas directly relevant to our user community, such as metallogenesis, land-use impacts of mineral extraction and geomaterials.

This website is produced and maintained by the BGS Minerals and Waste science programme and was launched in 1999 to provide information about mineral exploration, mining, production and trade. Since then the scope of the website has been broadened and it now includes content on a wider range of issues, such as spatial information on resources, sustainable development, planning information and UK policy and legislation.

The content of this website is being continually updated as the industry, legislation and information availability changes. Our objective is to provide users with a portal into the wide-ranging outputs of the BGS MineralsUK Centre for Sustainable Mineral Development and a central focus for minerals information specifically related to the UK scene. Please contact us with your comments and suggestions to improve the website and keep it up to date.