UK Involvement

Current drilling projects with UK PI/co-Is

Proposal Name UK PI/co-1 Institute Approved
The Bushveld Complex Drilling Project (BCDP) Wolfgang Maier University of Cardiff 2019
Drilling Active Faults in Northern Europe (DAFNE) Ake Fagereng University of Cardiff 2019
Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian
Caledonides (COSC-2): Drilling the main
Caledonian décollement and into the
basement of the Fennoscandian Shield
Nick Roberts BGS 2017
DeepCHALLA: two glacial-interglacial
cydes (ca. 250,000 years) of climate and
ecosystem dynamics on the East African equator
Philip Barker/Melanie Leng/Christine Lane Lancaster/BGS/Cambridge 2016
MEXIDRILL: The Basin of Mexico Drilling Program Victoria Smith Oxford 2016
Chicxulub: Drilling the K-Pg Impact Crater Jo Morgan Imperial 2016
Intergrated Understanding of the Early
Jurassic Earth System and Timescale (JET)
Steve Hesselbo Exeter 2015

Recent (last 5 years) training course participation from the UK

Date Location Participants from United Kingdom
06/11/2017 in Germany 2
17/10/2016 in Germany 5
19/10/2015 in Germany 5
14/09/2015 in FYR Macedonia 4
06/10/2014 in New Zealand 6
15/10/2012 in USA 3
01/10/2011 in Germany 2
Total: 27 Participants