Data Downloads

A Guide to the Tellus Data

The publication 'A Guide to the Tellus Data' can be downloaded from

Geophysical Data

These data may be downloaded in .csv format, contained within a .zip file.

  1. Magnetics (1GB)
  2. Electromagnetics (375MB)
  3. Radiometrics (57MB)

Geochemical Data

The Tellus project collected samples of soils, stream sediments and stream waters across Northern Ireland. These data may be downloaded in Excel format.

Rural soil survey

  1. Regional A Soils (XRF) (2.7 MB)
  2. Regional A Soils (Aqua Regia Digest) (3.4 MB)
  3. Regional S Soils (Aqua Regia Digest) (6.7 MB)
  4. Regional S Soils (Near Total Digest) (3.2 MB)
  5. Regional S Soils (Fire Assay) (0.7MB)

Stream surveys

The Tellus Project collected stream sediment and stream waters samples from 1st and 2nd order streams. These data may be downloaded in Excel format.

  1. Regional Stream Sediments (XRF) (2.8MB)
  2. Regional Stream Waters (ICP) (3.6MB)

Detection Limits

Information on detection limits is available in the following document:

  1. Tellus Geochemistry Methodology and Detection Limits
Last Updated: 12th March 2015