BGS’s contribution to EPOS Implementation

In addition to the design and implementation of the Integrated core services, BGS is also involved in the delivery of three of the Thematic Core Services (TCS). BGS has an active role in the creation of three thematic communities that will supply data in information not only to their thematic c communities but make these available through the ICS to the wider Earth Science Community.

TCS Geomagnetic Observations

The goal is to consolidate the community; modernise data archival and distribution formats for existing services, such as INTERMAGNET; and create new services for magnetotelluric data and geomagnetic models. BGS has an active monitoring and research programme in this area.

TCS Multi–scale laboratories

Europe has a wide range of world–class laboratory infrastructures ranging from high temperature and pressure experimental facilities, to electron microscopy, micro–beam analysis, analogue modelling and paleomagnetic laboratories. Many data remain inaccessible and/or poorly preserved yet they are crucial to serving society's need for geo–resources exploration and for protection against geo–hazards, to understand from the molecular to the continental scale processes. BGS's Geotechnical and Geophysical Properties Laboratories are a contributing infrastructure and BGS will reach out to the UK community with a view to engaging further world class NRIs in EPOS.

TCS Geo–Energy Test Beds for Low Carbon Energy

Across Europe, experimental test and monitoring facilities and infrastructures (Geo Energy Test Beds, GETB) have been or are being developed to understand the subsurface processes that affect environmental sustainability, including gas flow, fluid containment, well and seal leakage, hydraulic fracture growth, geodynamic strain (well and reservoir damage), subsidence, induced seismicity, fugitive emissions and residual stress. The Geo Energy Test Beds will underpin the design of management systems for the subsurface; and underpin and develop regulation. In the long term European Geo Energy Test Beds will help to bring about a new energy system in Europe to ensuring greater energy security and sustainability. BGS leads the development of this newest EPOS community and is itself in the process of establishing the UK Energy Security and Innovation Observing System for the Subsurface (ESIOS).