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Mock, C, Arnaud, NO, Cantagrel, J-M, Yirgu, G . 1999. 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of the Ethiopian and Yemeni basements: reheating related to the Afar Plume?

Link to document available Sutton, S, Butterworth, J, Mekonta, L . 2012. A Hidden Resource: household-led rural water supply in Ethiopia

Link to document available Klein, AE . 1977. A Study of Heavy Metals in Lake Abbaya, Ethiopia, and the Incidence of Non-Parasitic Elephantiasis

Link to document available Funk, C, Rowland, J, Eilerts, G, Kebebe, EO, Biru, N, White, L, Galu, G . 2012. A climate trend analysis of Ethiopia

Link to document available Searle, R, Gouin, P . 1972. A gravity survey of the central part of the Ethiopian Rift Valley

Mengesha, G . 1975. A groundwater survey in and around Geleba area, south of Shakiso (Sidamo)

Chernet, T . 1992. A hydrogeological map of Ethiopia (scale 1:2,000,000)

Link to document available Mohammed, MU, Bonnefille, R . 1998. A late Glacial/late Holocene pollen record from a highland peat at Tamsaa, Bale Mountains, south Ethiopia

Link to document available Alemseged, Z, Geraads, D . 2000. A new Middle Pleistocene fauna from the Busidima–Telalak region of the Afar, Ethiopia

Collet, B, Taud, H, Parrot, JF, Bonavia, F, Chorowicz, J . 2000. A new kinematic approach for the Danakil block using a Digital Elevation Model representation.

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