Volcano Name: Babuyan Claro Smithsonian Inst ID (SI_VNUM): 274030
Alternate Name:
Askedna Hot Spring
Mt. Babuyan
Mt. Pangasun
Smith Volcano
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano(es)
Latitude: 19.5233333300
Longitude: 121.9400000000
Region: Philippines and SE Asia Sub Region: North of Luzon
Date Entered: 02/05/2012

Eruption Details

Eruption Start Date: 1831 Date Error:
Eruption End Date: Dating Technique: Historical records
Eruption Date Quality: High quality Preferred Date: Y
Bulk DRE Volume (km3): 0.220 (Calculated)
Bulk deposit volume (km3): 0.550 (Literature)
Magnitude : 4.700 (Calculated)
Maximum VEI : ? 4.000 (Literature)
Magma: Not Available
Calculated Density:
Rock Classification:

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