Data Sharing Agreements

The National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) actively encourages the deposit of openly available data via the Data Deposit Portal. We have engaged with projects like the ASK Network (Accessing Subsurface Knowledge) and more recently through the Dig to Share Project to encourage the deposit of geotechnical data in AGS format.

The NGDC is collaborating with a number of organisations to create contracts and briefing notes for consultants carrying out ground investigation work to deposit AGS (Association of Geotechnical Specialists) data via the Portal.

Example agreements can be found below:

You can use the examples given to create new contracts, or the NGDC suggests some simple text can be added to contracts with drillers or consultants, to request that data is deposited with the NGDC in AGS format.

The NGDC also suggests to drillers and contractors to include some wording in standard contracts to ensure data is deposited with the NGDC.


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