Data management

The BGS maintains a wealth of data, information and other materials gathered throughout the history of the organisation. These data underpin the science undertaken by the BGS and the products and services we provide, and are also used by the wider geoscience community in the UK and beyond.

These data are managed by the BGS for the long-term benefit of all and are available online and without charge where possible. However, some data are still in analogue form or are not yet processed for online delivery and in these cases there may be a charge to cover the administration involved in data preparation and delivery. Some data may be subject to terms of use agreed with data providers.

Geology Geology

The BGS information management (geology) project populates and maintains a number of key geological databases and other information systems.

This is done in collaboration with other teams within the Survey who rely on these well-managed and mature datasets to carry out their research, and to create products, publications and services.

Groundwater well Groundwater

Hydrogeological data include well records, groundwater level time series and information on aquifer properties and hydrochemical analyses. While primarily focussed on the UK, archival collections of overseas data and information are also held.

White Ribbon on Lake Windermere Marine

The BGS manages marine geological and geophysical data from the seabed and sub-seabed mainly from the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) and adjacent area including MEDIN, SEA and NHDA data.