NGR / NGDC contacts

Visits to NGR and NGDC can be arranged by appointment via enquries.

British Geological Survey
NG12 5GG
Telephone: 0115 936 3143

For content enquiries see the contacts below:

National Geological Records Centre

Ali Fernie, Records Manager

Telephone:0131 6500 434

Andrew Morrison, Archivist

Telephone:0115 936 3247

Sue Roper, Data Collection Officer

Telephone:0115 936 3127

National Geological Materials Collections

Dr Mike Howe, Chief Curator

Telephone:0115 936 3105

Dr Steve Parry, Keyworth Petrology

Telephone:0115 936 3006

Dr Martin Gillespie, Edinburgh Petrology

Telephone:0131 650 0268

Dr Steve Parry, Keyworth Building Stones

Telephone:0115 936 3006

Scott Renshaw, Keyworth Core Store

Telephone:0115 936 3228

Michael Togher & Eileen Callaghan, Edinburgh Collections

Telephone:0131 650 0345

Paul Shepherd, Keyworth Collections

Telephone:0115 936 3102

Graham Tulloch, Scottish Collections

Telephone:0131 650 0365

Enquiries about the collection of onshore & offshore core and other samples

Tracey Gallagher, Core store services co-ordinator

Telephone:0115 936 3413

Simon Harris, Conservator and collections digitisation

Telephone:0115 936 3179

National Hydrocarbons Data Archive

Telephone:0131 6500 434

Earth Science Academic Archive (ESAA)

Sue Roper, Data Collection Officer

Telephone:0115 936 3127

Visits to ESAA can be arranged by appointment via enquiries.