Information for NERC-funded grant holders

NERC requires any data of long-term value created by NERC-funded activities to be deposited in a NERC Environmental Data Centre. NGDC is the designated repository for geoscientific data.

Deposit data generated by NERC funded grants with NGDC Deposit data with NGDC

Further information about depositing data with the NGDC.

NERC funded research projects NERC-funded research projects

Find out more about NERC-funded research projects.

NERC Environmental Data Centres NERC environmental data centres

The environmental data centres provide a focal point for NERC's scientific data and information.

NERC Data Policy NERC data policy

NERC has a well-established data policy that sets the ground rules that all those funded by NERC must follow in managing the data that they collect.

NERC Data management planning NERC data management planning

All NERC proposals require an outline data management plan — find out more here.

Open Government Licence Open Government Licence

Find out more about Open Government Licences.