The Permian Sandstone

Permian Sandstone aquifer map

The Permian Sandstone as an aquifer

The Permian Sandstone aquifer consists of sandstones, marls and breccias. In south west England it is up to about 150 m thick with yields up to about 15 l/sec. In north west England it may reach up to 300 m in thickness and yields are typically higher at about 25 l/sec from the upper parts of the aquifer. The water in the Permian Sandstones becomes highly saline at depth, for example, within the centre of the Cheshire Basin.

See also the Permian Sandstone in the BGS lexicon of named rock units.

Area where the Permian Sandstone is present

The Permian Sandstone aquifer is present in a series of basins in England and Wales: the southern part of the Carlisle Basin, the Cheshire Basin, in Shropshire and in the south west of England in Dorset and eastern Devon.

Elevation of base of the Permian Sandstone

River Eden east of Eden Lacy. P221900

The base of the Permian Sandstone varies from about 300 m OD at outcrop in the Carlisle Basin to greater than 4000 m OD in the centre of the Cheshire Basin.


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