Core Flood Experiments on carbonate rocks

Dataset title Core Flood Experiments on carbonate rocks
Dataset creators Sojwal Manoorkar, Imperial College London
Dataset theme Geoscientific Information
Dataset abstract Medical CT scans for drainage multiphase flow through carbonate rock cores. The steady state drainage multiphase flow at elevated pressure using nitrogen and DI water, are carried out for three heterogeneous carbonate rocks to characterize the impact of heterogeneity on flow. Core Floods are performed on three carbonate rocks namely, Indiana limestone, Estaillades limestone and Edwards dolomites. Experiments are carried out using medical CT scanner and N2-water fluid system at high pressure. Drainage core floods are carried out by varying nitrogen fractional flow rates from 0 to 1. Residual trapping is obtained at the end of drainage cycle by water flooding of the core. These rocks are from three difference quarries. Indiana carbonate is from Salem Formation located in Indian, USA. Estaillades limestone is from Oppède quarry, France. Edwards dolomite is from Texas, USA.
Dataset content dates 30/01/2019 - 19/03/2019
Dataset spatial coverage Not applicable
Dataset supply format Dicom
MS Excel
Dataset language English-United Kingdom
Dataset discovery metadata record Discovery Link to the dataset's BGS Discovery Metadata record
Dataset publisher British Geological Survey
Dataset publication date 10th March 2020
Dataset digital object identifier(DOI) 10.5285/26323d5b-c4a4-48ac-a8f7-9a83f52ddaa4
Dataset citation text Manoorkar, S. (2020): Core Flood Experiments on carbonate rocks. British Geological Survey. (Dataset).
Constraints and terms of use This data set is available under Open Government Licence, subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying any reproduced materials: "Contains data supplied by permission of the Natural Environment Research Council [YEAR]".
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