Digital Geological Map Data of Great Britain - 10k (DiGMapGB-10) Artificial version 2

Dataset title Digital Geological Map Data of Great Britain - 10k (DiGMapGB-10) Artificial version 2
Dataset creators British Geological Survey
Dataset theme Geoscientific Information
Dataset abstract

Data identifies landscape areas (shown as polygons) attributed with type of artificial or man-made ground. It indicates areas where the ground surface has been significantly modified by human activity. The scale of the data is 1:10 000 scale. Onshore coverage is partial with approximately 30% of England, Scotland and Wales available in the version 2 data release. BGS intend to continue developing coverage at this scale; current focus is to include all large priority urban areas, along with road and rail transport corridors.

Types of artificial ground include:

Infilled ground areas where original geology has been removed and then wholly or partially back filled includes waste or landfill sites.

Landscaped ground areas where surface has been reshaped includes former sand and gravel workings for recreation and amenity use.

Made ground man made features including embankments and spoil heaps.

Reclaimed ground are areas of land fill, where new ground is created, usually in coastal margins, may be for example a consequence of draining of submerged wetlands and beach rebuilding.

Worked ground areas where ground has been removed including quarries and road cuttings.

Disturbed ground areas of ill-defined shallow or near surface mineral workings where distinction cannot be made between made and worked ground.

Whilst artificial ground may not be considered as part of the 'real geology ' of bedrock and superficial deposits it does affect them. Artificial ground impacts on the near surface ground conditions which are important to human activities and economic development.

Due to the constantly changing nature of land use and re-use/redevelopment caution must be exercised when using this data as it represents a snapshot in time rather than an evolving picture hence the data may become dated very rapidly.

The data are available in vector format (containing the geometry of each feature linked to a database record describing their attributes) as ESRI shapefiles and are available under BGS data licence.

Dataset content dates before 2012
Dataset spatial coverage Great Britain
Dataset supply format ESRI shapefiles
Dataset language English
Dataset discovery metadata record Discovery Link to the dataset's BGS Discovery Metadata record.
Also available as ISO19115/19139 XML.
Dataset publisher British Geological Survey
Dataset publication date 2012
Dataset digital object identifier (DOI) 10.5285/a0a9d1ed-e0ac-45c9-8e14-d773ae9e8840
Dataset citation text Digital Geological Map Data of Great Britain - 10k (DiGMapGB-10) Artificial version 2 British Geological Survey 2012
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