Experimental work on Ivrea ultramafic pipe material

Dataset title Experimental work on Ivrea ultramafic pipe material
Dataset creators Katie McFall, Cardiff University
Ian Butler, University of Edinburgh
Geoffrey Bromiley, University of Edinburgh
Dataset theme Geoscientific Information
Dataset abstract Results of piston cylinder experiments on lower-crustal material from the Ivrea Zone, Italian Alps. Natural sulfides and sulfide-silicate mixes from lower crustal cumulates were heated and pressurised to conditions matching those of the MASH zone, which is hypothesised to be the source of metals for post-collisional porphyry Cu deposits. This was done in order to simulate partial melting and examine the mobility of metals in this environment. This data contains experimental logs stating the experimental conditions; reflected light photographs of the experimental capsules; scanning electron microscope element maps and identification of platinum group minerals and precious metal minerals in the capsules; and trace element concentration of sulfides in the capsules. This data was collected as part of the TeaSe consortium NERC grant in order to test hypotheses about porphyry Cu deposit formation. This data was collected by researchers at Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh.
Dataset content dates 09/01/2017 to 10/01/2020
Dataset spatial coverage Not applicable
Dataset supply format XLSX, TIF, PNG
Dataset language English-United Kingdom
Dataset discovery metadata record Discovery Link to the dataset's BGS Discovery Metadata record
Dataset publisher British Geological Survey
Dataset publication date 30th June 2021
Dataset digital object identifier(DOI) 10.5285/4a0e4a75-fdc6-45b1-a72a-f517164bb147
Dataset citation text McFall, K; Butler, I; Bromiley, G (2021): Experimental work on Ivrea ultramafic pipe material. British Geological Survey. (Dataset).
Constraints and terms of use Data under embargo until 30th June 2021. Data will be available under Open Government Licence once the embargo has passed.
Access the dataset Until the embargo period has expired, please contact Katie McFall,, for more information.