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Mineral Occurrence Database

Gold grains, BGS©NERC

Britain has a very long history of mining stretching back to pre-Roman times. Since its formation in 1835, BGS has collected information on these activities in its archives and on its maps.

The Mineral Occurrence Database (MOD) holds information on mineral occurrences in the UK including locations of known mines, deposits, prospects and mineral showings, including sites where minerals of potential economic interest have been identified in panned concentrates. Data is normally derived from published sources or from internal BGS records, such as field sheets or geochemical sampling cards. The database currently holds about 13 000 records, but details of many more old workings and occurrences remain to be added. The database does not hold information on energy minerals or construction minerals.

Information is held on:

Parys Mountain, Anglesey, BGS©NERC. Click to enlarge.
  • occurrence name(s)
  • geographical location
  • mineralisation features
  • minerals present
  • host rock
  • alteration
  • commodities produced
  • development events

The locations of the mineral occurrences in the MOD can be viewed in the GeoIndex on the BGS website.