ESEF Secretariat


Co-chair: Professor Chris King

Chris King


Professor Chris King is Co-Chair of the Earth Science Education Forum and a member of the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum. Chris is the Director of the Earth Science Education Unit, based at Keele University where he is Professor of Earth Science Education. He is also Past-Chair of the International Geoscience Education Organisation and a member of the International Union of Geological Scientists' Commission on Geoscience Education.

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Co-chair: Professor Allan Rogers BSc FGS

  • District then County Councillor 1965-1979
  • MEP SE Wales 1979-1984
    • Vice-President, European Parliament 1979-1982
  • MP Rhondda 1983-2001
    • Served on Public Accounts Committee and Select Committee for Welsh Affairs
    • Shadow Minister for Defence 1987-1992
    • Shadow Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 1992-1994
    • Member, Intelligence and Security Committee 1994-2001
    • Established All Party Parliamentary Group for Earth Sciences 2000, was Chairman now Professional Advisor to the Group
Earth Sciences/Education
  • Worked as a Geologist in UK, Canada, US and Australia
  • District Secretary, Workers Educational Association 1970-1979
  • Chairman, Polytechnic of Wales 1973-1979
  • Appointed External Professor, University of Glamorgan 1996
  • Board Member, British Geological Survey 2001-2005
  • Council Member, Geological Society 2000-2003
  • Member, Health Authority, Education Authority
  • Member, National Advisory Council for Adult and Continuing Education

Executive Officer: Cally Oldershaw

Cally Oldershaw


Cally Oldershaw is the Executive Secretary for the Earth Science Education Forum. Cally is also the Administrative Secretary for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Earth Sciences. Cally works part-time for the Association for Science Education as their Curriculum Development Manager. She is an Earth Science Education consultant, author and gemmologist and an examiner for the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain.

Secretary: John Stevenson

John Stevenson


John has managed the BGS’s educational and outreach activities since 2014 and has been the editor of the British Geological Survey website since 2008.