Membership of ESEF is open to all relevant organisations and institutions operating nationally who have an interest in earth science education and who support the aims and objectives of ESEF.

Each organisation is invited to nominate one individual to sit on ESEF Council.

Nominees may be replaced by another individual by agreement with the Chairman.

Council elects a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman.

Council is supported by a Secretariat.

Support for individuals to attend meetings and to carry out their roles in supporting ESEF's aims and objectives are provided by the organisations or institutions which they represent.

Support for individuals representing ESEF will be by ESEF funding.


ESEF members will be:

  • asked to provide targets in the field of earth science education at regular intervals;
  • asked to provide regular progress reports
  • invited to support key initiatives of other members; and
  • invited to develop initiatives to fill gaps in current coverage, where appropriate.

ESEF Secretariat will:

  • convene and support meetings
  • prepare summaries and updates of the activities of members
  • ensure that the updates are published regularly and widely
  • provide lobbying facilities and expertise;
  • co-ordinate bidding proposals; and
  • act as a conduit of key information between members.

ESEF Council will:

  • monitor progress in all these areas on a regular basis; and
  • propose new initiatives, where appropriate.