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A83, Rest-and-be-Thankful pass, near Arrochar, Argyll

Poster describing landslide (Adobe Acrobat PDF 1.74 MB)

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BGS warrants that the information will conform to any specification agreed with the customer and will be suitable for any purpose communicated to BGS by the customer. The liability of BGS under this warranty and otherwise in connection with the provision of the information is limited to the cost payable by the customer or £50,000 whichever is the greater.

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BGS excludes all liability arising from any errors or omissions in any data provided by you or on your behalf and used to provide a BGS report.

  • Geological observations are made according to the prevailing understanding of the subject at the time. The quality of such observations may be affected by subsequent advances in knowledge, improved methods of interpretation, and better access to sampling locations.

  • Raw data may have been transcribed from analogue to digital format, or may have been acquired by means of automated measuring techniques. Although such processes are subjected to quality control to ensure reliability where possible, some raw data may have been processed without human intervention and may in consequence contain undetected errors.

  • Detail clearly defined and accurately depicted on large-scale maps may be lost when small-scale maps are derived from them.

  • Although samples and records are maintained with all reasonable care, there may be some deterioration in the long term.

  • The most appropriate techniques for copying original records are used, but there may be some loss of detail and dimensional distortion when such records are copied.

  • Data may be compiled from the disparate sources of information at BGS's disposal, including material donated to BGS by third parties, and may not have been subject to any verification or other quality control process.

  • Data, information and related records which have been donated to BGS have been produced for a specific purpose, and that may affect the type and completeness of the data recorded and any interpretation. The nature and purpose of data collection, and the age of the resultant material may render it unsuitable for certain applications/uses. You must verify the suitability of the material for your intended usage.

  • The data, information and related records supplied by BGS should not be taken as a substitute for specialist interpretations, professional advice and/or detailed site investigations. You must seek professional advice before making technical interpretations on the basis of the materials provided.

  • If a report or other output is produced for you on the basis of data you have provided to BGS, or your own data input into a BGS system, please do not rely on it as a source of information about other areas or geological features, as the report may omit important details.

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