Geological timechart quiz

Camels mnemonic.

Try this simple geological timechart quiz to learn the Periods and Eras of the Phanerozoic Eon and the first Period of the Precambrian.

Start the quiz by typing in your answers into the empty boxes. If your answer is correct the colour of the box will change to green when you move the cursor into the next empty box. If you fill in a wrong answer the box colour will change to red.

Practice makes perfect

  • Each time you attempt the quiz different parts of the timechart will appear blank. Press the reset button to start a new quiz.
  • Show or hide the timechart colours to make it more difficult.
  • You can also make the quiz more difficult by increasing the ‘Number of blanks’ using the drop-down menu.
  • Use the tab keys to move between the quiz boxes.
  • If you get stuck, or want to know the age of a Period, click on the blue ‘i’ button.
  • Too easy? Try entering the dates of Period boundaries, in millions of years, when you've got all the other labels correct. Hover over the date boxes for some clues.

Don't waste any more time... start the quiz!

Eon Era Date Period
[several Eras]  
  [earlier Periods]
[several Eras]   No further division
No named Eras or Periods

More about geological time

You could also print off our Phanerozoic timechart to help you understand more about the major divisions of geological time or browse the BGS Timechart online.