An introduction to the Working Groups

Working Group 1: demonstration of modelling capabilities

This Working Group (WG) will identify and review available numerical models, which can be used to analyse the stability of engineered slopes subjected to present and future climate scenarios. It will review integration of hydrological and geotechnical processes in numerical models that help to identify potential failure mechanisms. This WG will then generate a research agenda for future development of numerical modelling procedures.

Working Group 2: slopes monitoring data knowledge exchange

This WG will facilitate data exchange for model validation between research partners and will review and share knowledge on existing and emerging technologies/methodologies of integrated geotechnical slope monitoring. The effectiveness of different methods and technologies will be explored to improve existing research facilities and develop future experiments.

Working Group 3: climate-vegetation-soil interactions

This WG will review current practice in testing and modelling of interactions between climate, vegetation and soil. This will primarily be concerned with induced pore water pressure and permeability changes but will also explore changes in the mechanical properties of soils caused by root growth, desiccation and surface erosion.

Working Group 4: hazard/risk

This WG will apply risk based analysis to geotechnical asset failure which is crucial to efficient and effective asset management by stakeholders. WG4 will explore methods to analyse and communicate slope stability risk to stakeholders and infrastructure users.

Erosion on a highway cutslope