EXtreme EXposures — get snapping!

St Kilda (Photo: Anna White)

St Kilda (Photo: Anna White)

St Kilda (Photo: Anna White)

  • Will you be working outdoors this summer?
  • Are you planning expeditions to climb crags or kayak round sea cliffs?
  • Will you be flying or trekking over remote landscapes?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, double check your camera is packed because you're on your way to being an integral part of BGS citizen science!

The BGS are calling on all adventurers, intrepid geology fans and keen photographers to help enhance their knowledge of our geological landscapes. In some parts of the UK the BGS photographic coverage is limited due to extreme terrain or difficult to reach vantage points. The BGS is asking for your help to photograph these 'EXposures'!

EXample EXposures

These photographs of St Kilda are a great example of what the BGS can gain from your photographic donations. The photographer, Anna White, works on a charter boat operating off the west coast of Scotland and in 2010, whilst onboard, she took over 1000 images on behalf of the BGS.

Anna's photos have provided our scientists with a rare and beautiful view of this coastline. Anna is out on the boat again this summer and we're looking forward to seeing what wonders she's captured on camera this year.

How to donate a series of EXposure shots

If you would like to donate a series of geologically related photographs to the BGS then please contact our photographic team. They can pass on tips on taking the best geological photos, advice on getting perfect panoramas and instructions on how to upload them.

Your photos will then be part of the BGS photographic collection, a scientifically valuable and extensive resource that currently holds approximately half a million photos of geologically significant UK and worldwide locations.

With your permission the BGS may even use your photos to illustrate the benefits and value of citizen science through BGS Facebook and the BGS website.

How to donate single EXposure shots

You can upload single photographs into our collection by using our iGeology mobile app — part of the BGS citizen science community programme. The simple online form allows you to record EXposures (difficult to reach outcrops) as well as other points of interest. Users will then be able to see their information on the map as well as viewing observations from other contributors.

Remember you don't have to be a qualified scientist to post information; you just need to know where the event or observation is located.

Note: there is a short delay before uploads are visible.

Ness Point (Photo: Anna White)


Do not enter sites without the permission of the land owner or person responsible; safety is your responsibility.

Terms and conditions

By uploading and depositing photos or materials, you, as depositor, do so on the understanding they may be used/re-used by others.

By depositing photos and materials you take full responsibility:

  1. to ensure that they are owned by you (or you have permission to do so); and
  2. understand that liability regarding their use/re-use may lie with you as depositor.

If there are doubts about ownership, check first before making a deposit on BGS citizen science sites.

BGS Citizen Science operates under the code of a:
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License
Creative Commons License


For large donations of photos, or more information on BGS photography, please contact BGS photography.