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Link to document available Alemaw, BF, Chaoka, TR . 2003. A continental scale water balance model: a GIS-approach for southern Africa

Link to document available Mathers, S . 1991. A decade if ODA/BGS international research and development 1981-1990

Link to document available Adams, B . 1977. A digital groundwater model of the Kahontwe Aquifer, Ndola, Zambia (with Fortran listing)

Link to document available Key, RM, De Waele, B, Liyungu, AK . 2004. A multi-element baseline geochemical database from the western extension of the Central African Copperbelt in north-western Zambia.

Chapman, D, Cowan, I, Legg, C, Topfer, K . 1972. A preliminary investigation of the Lubungu hot spring

Link to document available Ridgway, J, Ramsay, CR . 1986. A provisional metamorphic map of Zambia - explanatory notes.

Legg, CA . 1974. A reconnaissance survey of the hot and mineralised springs of Zambia

Link to document available Lapworth, D, Wright, J, Pedley, S . 2014. A tale of two cities: How can we provide safe water for poor people living in African cities?

Link to document available Sutton, s . 2010. Accelerating Self Supply - A Case Study from Zambia

WHO/UNICEF . 2001. Access to Improved Drinking Water Sources. WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation Coverage Estimates 1980-2000: Zambia

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