Minerals and Mining

Base metals

... the Afghan Copper Belt is host to three known copper deposits and a further 35 occurrences ...

Ferrous metals

Industrial minerals

... industrial minerals are vital in underpinning the manufacturing and construction sectors of the world economy ...

Afghan Marble Promotion Showcase

Other metals

... preliminary exploration has identified zones with rare earth enrichment and veinlets with bright yellow uraninite ...

Precious metals

Precious stones

... some of the earliest records of mining anywhere in the world are from Afghanistan, dating back over 6000 years ...

Rare metals

... at the Darrahe-Pech deposit beryl crystals up to 40cm across have been discovered ...

Seven brochures have been produced by BGS describing the potential for minerals in Afghanistan.

The Aynak copper deposit

The potential for copper

The potential for gold

Hajigak brochure

Marble brochure

Rare Metals brochure

Gemstones Brochure