About the LGS

The LGS laboratory manager demonstrating use of the hand-held XRF

The LGS is one of two bureaux (the other being the Liberian Hydrological Service) in the Department of Mineral Exploration and Environmental Research (DMER) of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy. The Survey currently comprises approximately 30 staff who contribute to activities undertaken in order to meet its mandate.

The LGS provides geoscientific information, advice and services to the Government of Liberia and to the wider geological community. Starting in 2014, the LGS has been organising its data and documents into a more systematic and accessible manner with the aim of making them readily available with minimal bureaucracy. At the same time, it has recently re-established a small laboratory capability that enables it to receive, record and prepare samples for subsequent analysis with its hand-held XRF.