Liberian Geological Documentation Centre (LGDC)

The 1:250 000 scale map quadrangles of Liberia

The LGS archive collection contains numerous reports along with 1:250 000-scale geological maps and aerial photographs of Liberia. The LGS has recently completed scanning the reports and maps of the Survey as well as creating and populating a database of the associated bibliographic data.


The principal map-data holdings of the LGS comprise 1:250 000-scale maps for each of the ten quadrangles covering Liberia, which were compiled during the cooperative programme for reconnaissance study of the geology of Liberia, undertaken jointly by the LGS and the USGS from 1965–1972. Four maps (geography, geology, aeromagnetic and total-count gamma radiation) exist for each quadrangle and are available as either flat or folded maps. Digital versions of the geological maps are also available (see LMIS).


The core of the archive is a collection of around 600 reports with, where relevant, map and data appendices. Legacy reports largely date from pre-1990. More recent mineral exploration reports that are no longer confidential also form part of the LGDC. A list of reports is available for download 73 kb MS Excel workbook.