Welcome to the webpages of the Liberian Geological Survey

The Liberian Geological Survey in Monrovia

This is the official website of the Liberian Geological Survey (LGS), a component body of the Liberian Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME). The LGS is the national custodian of geoscientific information and assists and advises Government on all policies related to the country's mineral resources.

The LGS is responsible for:

  • conducting geological mapping and mineral exploration (to determine Liberia's mineral potential)
  • undertaking compliance monitoring of companies conducting exploration for minerals in Liberia
  • promoting the exploration and development of the mineral resources of Liberia to contribute to the social and economic development of the country
  • being the principal curator of national geoscientific data
    • generating, collecting and storing geoscientific data on behalf of the nation
    • disseminating data and associated information to Government, industry, and members of the public

To this end, the LGS is provided with required support from the MLME.