Newly renovated building

Opening Ceremony

August 12th 2006

Following the completion of a $7m USAID project to renovate the offices of the Afghanistan Geological Survey, the building was officially opened today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by U.S. Ambassador Neumann and Engineer Adel, Minister of Mines.

This major project rehabilitated the buildings and infrastructure including power supply and distribution, water supply and distribution, sewerage and waste disposal system. All work including roads, boundary walls, paths and landscaping was finished on time by the UNOPS (United Nations Office of Project Services) using mostly local Afghan contractors and hence helping to stimulate the local economy.

The opening ceremony was attended by VIPs, guests, and staff from the AGS and Ministry of Mines. After the welcome by the Master of Ceremonies and prayer by a Mullah reading from the Holy Koran, the Deputy Head of the AGS Omar Younesi made a speech. This was followed by speeches by U.S. Ambassador Neumann and the Minister of Mines, Engineer Adel.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony the guests made a tour of the building and refreshments were provided in the newly refurbished staff restaurant.

The new complex will help the AGS provide a framework for successful and controlled development of Afghanistan's natural resources, forming an integral part of the country's efforts for economic development.

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