Economic minerals and building stones

Panned concentrate of gold from Borland Glen, Glendevon

The BGS Information Management (Geology) Project maintains a number of databases relating to economic minerals and construction materials of the UK, Europe and further afield.

BritPits — The Mines and Quarries Database

BritPits, also known as the Mines and Quarries Database, stores data describing active and inactive onshore mineral workings, as well as rail depots and wharves involved in mineral commodities movement.

We populate and maintain these data, and they are used periodically by our minerals team to produce the 'Directory of Mines and Quarries', which can be purchased from the BGS online bookshop or downloaded for free from the MineralsUK website.

The data are also used by the BGS and by our customers for market intelligence and analysis, and resource planning. The data may be licensed for use in developing value-added products.

UK and World Mineral Statistics Database

The UK and World Mineral Statistics database contains detailed statistics on economic minerals production and trade.

We maintain these data; they are also used by our minerals team for market intelligence and analysis.

The database is also used by our minerals team annually to produce World Mineral Production, European Mineral Statistics, and UK Minerals Yearbook.

These publications provide reliable information to policy makers, regulators, industry and the public. They may be purchased from the BGS online bookshop or downloaded for free from the MineralsUK website.

National Stone Database

Edinburgh New Town. Grosvenor Crescent

The National Stone Database (NSD) is currently under construction and brings together data on the building stones of the UK, their source quarries, and the samples and buildings that are associated with them.

The database development is funded jointly by BGS and Historic Scotland, and has been supported and informed by the Strategic Stone Study (carried out in collaboration with English Heritage).

We assist in constructing, populating, and maintaining the database.

The NSD will be used to answer enquiries and support BGS projects; it will also be accessible to the public and should be of interest to a wide range of end users.

Further information about building stones, and a portal allowing search of data collected for the Strategic Stone Study, may be found on the MineralsUK website.


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