Publicity toolkit

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Download the resources below to advertise and promote your event.

GeoWeek logo downloads

Download the Geoweek logo to help promote your event on your website or social media pages.

Leaflet and poster downloads

Download poster and leaflet templates to market your event.

  • A4 posters, add your event details to these templates

Media engagement

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) have produced a handy guide for Working with local radio .

Photograph resources

You can use the photographs used within the GeoWeek leaflet and poster downloads to help promote your event.

Or you can download images from the British Geological Survey online photo archive GeoScenic.

Please refer to the GeoScenic Terms and conditions of use page for details of how to acknowledge the photographs.

Press release

One of the best ways of publicising your event to attract more participants is to write a 'press release' and email it to journalists at your local newspaper.

Download a press release template to promote your event:

Social media

Please share your event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please use the hash tag #activeGeoWeek2021 in your social media posts then we can share and retweet your event to help you publicise it.

Please follow our social media pages.

Social media assets

Download images here that help promote GeoWeek on Facebook and Twitter. The four different images below are sized to fit nicely as a Facebook or Twitter post.

Please, pick a pic and post it!

Contact form for your event

This form is designed to help you collate contact details, medical condition, safety instructions, photographs and future contact permissions.

Download a Contact details form for your event .

Please note the following:

  • GeoWeek does not carry any funding.
  • Please use the GeoWeek logo in your publicity and publicise your event(s) as widely as possible.
  • Please ensure that your activity is insured, either by your institutional insurance or through the Geologists' Association insurance scheme.
  • If your fieldtrip is to a distant site, you or your organisation will have to cover transportation costs.