GeoWeek 2018

GeoWeek 2018 event leaflet.

GeoWeek ran for the first time across the UK in May 2018. More than 30 different activities took place around the country. Here we give a flavour of some of the events that took place:

The Mendip 2018 GeoWeek experience

For GeoWeek in 2018, we ran three outdoor experiences in the Mendip area.

  • building stone tour of the city of Wells
  • field trip to Batts Combe quarry, Cheddar
  • field trip to Deer Leap, Wells


‘The Wells GeoWalk in May 2018 was quite an eye-opener! Our two friendly and informative experts opened up the world of geological rock types and formation in an amazing way! No longer is it possible to walk around the city without noticing the various rock types in walls and buildings...’

The Open University #geOUweek

Open University staff and students ran a number of events in the Milton Keynes, Buckingham and further afield:

Local geology groups

Various guided walks hosted by the local geology groups

  • Beneath our feet — in search of the lost River Tyburn, London
  • Brown's Folly — Geology of an old stone quarry near Bath
  • Cornhill-on-Tweed: introduction to its building stones and landscapes
  • Royal Leamington Spa — a conundrum of building materials and Spa waters

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