GeoWeek | 1-9 May 2021

GeoWeek is a new initiative, launched in 2018, that aims to promote 'active geoscience' via a 'week' of field trip activities taking place across the UK and Northern Ireland between 1–9 May 2021.

Health and safety

Event organisers are responsible for managing health and safety aspects of the events they organise. We anticipate that GeoWeek, like many other public events, may be affected by the impact of Coronavirus and ask event organisers to follow local government and NHS advice.

If you decide to cancel or postpone your event, please notify the Earth Science Education Forum and we will update our event map.

Find a GeoWeek event

Members of the public interested in learning more about their local geology can find local events by searching the 2020 GeoWeek Event Map.

Most of the events are free, but some organisers may charge a fee. Please contact the event organiser directly for booking information.

Organise a GeoWeek event

Event organisers, might consider the following options:

  • field trip or guided walk in a rural or urban area
  • fieldtrip using Earthcache sites
  • guided e-bike or canoe trips
  • 'ask-a-geologist' events at museums or science discovery centres
  • 'stone-your-home' find out about your home's building stones
  • your own innovative strategy

Go to the GeoWeek event organiser's page for further details. You can use the Publicity Toolkit for information and images that you can use to help publicise events.