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Bioaccessibility Testing of Contaminated Land for Threats to Human Health
A case study of the financial impact of bioaccessibility research at BGS.
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Co-operating to manage contaminated land
The summary articles cover subjects such as: the Environment Agency's and local authorities' roles in regulation; the acquisition and management of data; regulation and enforcement; site investigation and risk assessment; non-biological remediation; legal aspects; the role of GIS; natural attenuation of contaminants; biological remediation; verification of treatments; site assessment, sampling and analysis; and risk modelling options.
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Dealing with radon emissions in respect of new development
This report describes administrative responsibilities and policy responses; summarises how radon in new development is dealt with through the building control system; describes a potential planning response that may deal with some of the perceived limitations in the current response through building control; and provides a recommended framework for guidance for building control, planning and environmental health.
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Development of GeoReports for potential site characterisation
In order to provide relevant information to assist in the design and installation of GSHP systems, the BGS provides site-specific data on thermal properties, geology and hydrogeology through the GeoReports enquiry service. This is supported by a report explaining the extent of available datasets and how the GeoReports are compiled.
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Environmental Geology in Land Use Planning
This report is a comprehensive survey of the earth science data available and an indication is given about its relevance to regional, local and site specific use.
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Sustainability of the Earth's surface environment: a European geoscience perspective
This report, by senior British and European geoscientists, looks at a number of important environmental issues such as soil erosion; the sustainable use of minerals; land-use and population growth; contaminated land; water supply and ground stability and makes the crucial connection between all of them and the geosciences. It also looks at the environmental impacts of natural geological phenomena including volcanoes, earthquakes and glaciation.
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