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This handbook describes the management of BGS marine survey data. Experience shows that the cost of managing such data to a high standard at the time it is acquired has little impact on the overall cost of the survey. In comparison, the retrospective indexing, sorting and QC of data can have significant cost implications, and even then, data can be missing, unusable, or of uncertain reliability.

Marine Survey Data Management Handbook: BGS Specifications
The data types discussed in this handbook are geophysical and geological (groundtruth) data with associated data types (for example, navigation and calibration data). Geophysical data includes echo-sounder, multibeam, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, gravity and magnetics. Geological data include sea-bed samples, cores, photographs and video.
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Survey Folder Structure
Information about geological and geophysical survey data which can be used offshore and for submitting data to BGS
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